Eyelash Extensions

Our salon specializes in bringing out your inherent beauty with a personalized menu of eyelash treatments. Do you have visions of striking eyelashes? We have lash professionals on hand to assist you in reaching your objective.

Whether you like a more conventional elegance or a more voluminous design, we offer options for everyone. From classic lash extensions that provide a subtle allure to volume lashes that create a big, glittery statement, we have solutions to complement every style.

Yet, quality and safety are just as important as appearances. For our extensions, we only utilize high-quality synthetic materials, guaranteeing both elegance and comfort. In order to provide a beautiful finish without sacrificing the health of your natural lashes, our careful method involves analyzing your lashes to establish the ideal lengths and thicknesses.

Eyelash Lifting and Tinting

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Use our Classic lash application to achieve the ultimate level of delicate elegance. Get unmatched length, flawless separation, natural fullness, and a well-manicured curl for a style that can go from casual to effortlessly stylish. You can always count on flawless results while using Classic lashes.

Full Set: $230

  • (Estimated appointment time: 2 hours)

Fills: $90

  • (Estimated appointment time: 1 hour)

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

This is our comfortable medium ground where we blend the two application styles, classics and volumes. Hybrids provide you a nice balance of separation and darkness along the lash line, making it easy to transition from the workplace to happy hour to sleeping beauty.

Full Set: starting at $255

  • (Estimated appointment time: 2.5 hrs)

Fills: $105

  • (Estimated appointment time: 1.25 hrs)

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Our Volume lashes give exceptional fullness, astounding volume, and exquisite depth, all of which are designed to highlight your natural beauty. Every lash is expertly designed to provide a captivating flutter that demands attention and radiates confidence.

Full Set: starting at $275

  • (Estimated appointment time: 3 hrs)

Fills: $115

  • (Estimated appointment time: 1.5 hrs)


  • Lash Lift & Tint $110
  • Lash Tint $30
  • Lash Lift $90


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