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Salon by Kylie is passionate about delivering quality salon services in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where we strive for your experience to meet your expectations. We pride ourself for welcoming atmosphere and delivering personalized hair treatments and beauty services with pleasing customer service experiences for each guest. We’ve earned our reputation as Pittsburgh’s go-to salon for exceptional hair care and beauty services. We are committed to using only the high quality products to ensure that you receive best service and amazing results. We invite you to experience our exceptional services and ultimate luxury salon experience.

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“Enhancing yourself with what you have is beauty. Give yourself a chance to shine.”

With heartfelt gratitude,
Salon by Kylie.

We are very happy with appreciation for your support and faith in our salon. Your every visit is not just a consultation it’s our golden chance to get to know you, pamper and encourage you. We just want to know you that our priority will always be your comfort and satisfaction. We’re devoted to giving you exceptional service, luxurious experience, and a warm atmosphere where you may unwind and indulge. We continually strive for perfection everything we do just for your smiles, your stories, and your satisfaction. We are honored that you have selected us as your trusted salon.

Our Services


When in doubt, book a complimentary consultation. This will assure we book the correct amount of time for the results you’re looking to achieve.

Brazilian waxes often take 15 to 20 minutes, however this might change according on your comfort level and kind of hair.

Enhancements have the potential to harm natural nails, although they should not when applied and maintained correctly. Depending on wear and the rate of growth, clients must have their enhancements serviced on a regular basis typically every two weeks.

With the right maintenance, a simple manicure or pedicure may last 7 to 10 days while gel polish can last up to three weeks.

Pittsburgh's top salon and spa